Repairs and Service

We are experienced in all types of distribution and small power transformer repairs.  We provide our customers with a full service pick-up and delivery, as well as customized handling solutions.  Mainly because we are one of the few companies who have this type of trucking service to pick up your units and return them – full service.

NECO has the capability and experience to repair the following transformers with an expeditious return time and competitive pricing:

  • Oil cooled, single phase and three phase transformers
  • Single phase and three phase reclosers
  • Single phase and three phase regulators
  • Dry type windings, single phase and three phase transformers


What We Service

  • Liquid Filled Single Phase and Three Phase Transformers
  • Reclosures & Oil Switches
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Power Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformers
  • VFD Rated Transformers
  • Phase Shifting Transformers
  • Dehydrators/ Desalter Transformers

Field Services

  • Transformer Testing
  • Oil Samples (DGA – Dissolved Gas Analysis)
  • Transformer degassing
  • Dismantle Transformers
  • Retrofit and Reassemble substations on-site (including replacing defective high and low voltage bushings and accessories)
  • Service and Repair leaks or defective parts.

On-Site Services

Nix Electric Company can:

  • dismantle transformers
  • service transformers on-site
  • remove or relocate transformers
  • repair transformer leaks
  • retrofit and reassemble substations on-site (including replacing defective high and low voltage bushings and accessories)

NECO can provide complete on-site testing and diagnostic services, including Doble testing.

Remanufactured Transformers

Nix Electric Company’s (NECO) excels in custom building remanufactured transformers. Our remanufactured transformers are fabricated using the industry’s latest raw materials and are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and long life.

All NECO remanufactured transformers are backed by a twelve-month warranty on workmanship and materials.

We can custom-fabricate automatic reclosers and oil switches for your distribution system. Our service facilities can perform maintenance or desired alterations to reclosers or oil switches.

NECO is continually working to maintain the highest quality products for our customers. We are continually searching for better raw materials and improved techniques to meet customer demands. All remanufactured transformers meet applicable IEEE, NEMA, and ANSI standards.

Nix Electric Company