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NECO Submersible Pump ApplicationNix Electric Co. (NECO) manufactures new tranformers for your submersible pump applications. These are the NECO Select-A-Tap single-phase transformer and the NECO three-phase VFD transformer for the variable frequency drive application. These transformers have been very successful and approved by the leaders in the submersible pump industry.

The VFD transformers are designed for a maximum input voltage of 480 volts at 60 Hertz, and an output voltage range of 1060 - 2200 Delta in 60 volt steps or at 1836 - 3811 WYE in 104 volt steps and at frequencies from 6 - 90 Hertz.

VFD transformers are presently available in sizes from 100 kVA through 600 kVA and output voltage ranges can be adjusted to meet customer requirements.

These transformers are built with the same quality and materials used tin the NECO Select-A-Tap single-phase transformers. We use copper conductor and diamond back epoxy insulation in our coil construction, and vacuum filled, PCB-free mineral oil.

NECO SubmersibleThe NECO Select-A-Tap is designed to give full rated kVA and amperage while containing constant impedance over the range of voltage settings. The primary voltage can be designed to meet your needs with dual volatages possible on request. All Select-A-Tap transformers are wound with copper conductors.

With the use of two external 9 position secondary tap changers and 4 secondary bushings, the range of secondary voltages is from 480 to 960 Delta and from 960 to 1920 WYE. Also, extended Delta operations allow a variety of higher secondary voltages.

We also offer the Select-A-Tap with copper shielding in the windings. Shields in the insulation barrier layers, between the high voltage and low voltage windings, are well suited for use in transformers such as our Select-A-Tap. Shielding will contain and prevent high voltage spikes (such as lightning) that may enter the high voltage windings, from entering the low voltage windings. This prevents damage to the pumping panels and the electric submersible pump.

The NECO VFD and Select-A-Tap Transformers are backed by a twelve-month warranty covering workmanship and materials.


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