Nix Electric Co., Inc.

New Electrical Products

  • Nix Electric Company (NECO) (More information is available about submersible pump transformers)
    • S-A-T and VFD Multi-Tap Transformers for the Submersible Pump Industry. 
    • 3 kVA, Oil Filled, Multi-Purpose Control Transformers
  • Cooper Power Systems (More information)
    • Distribution and Power Transformers, Capacitators, Arresters, Regulators, Reclosers, Rubber Goods, Cluster Mounts and Capacitor Racks
  • ABB Inc. (More Information)
    • Distribution and Power Transformers, Substation Transformers, High Voltage Breakers, Medium Voltage Breakers, Capacitors, Reclosers, Rubber Goods. 
  • Hammond Power Solutions (More Information)
    • Dry Type Transformers
  • MGM Transformer Company
    • Dry Type Transformers
  • Lapp Insulator
    • Replacement Transformer and Switchgear Bushings
  • Qualitrol Corp. and SRA
    • Transformer Guages and Accessories
  • Krenz-Vent
    • Tranformer Fans and Controls

Power and Distribution Substation Equipment (5kV-34.5kV)

  1. Small and Medium Power Transformers
  2. Surge Arresters
  3. Capacitor Banks
  4. Reclosers/Fault Interrupters
  5. Switches/Fused Equipment
    1. Inplant Medium Voltage Systems (5kV-35kV)
      1. Load Center Transformers
      2. Fault Interrupters
      3. Load Transfer Equipment
      4. FR-3 Fluid
    2. Underground Distribution Systems (5kV-35kV)
      1. Padmounted Transformers
      2. Padmounted Switchgear
      3. 200A nd 600A Cable Connectors, Terminators and Splices
      4. Elbow and Parking Stand Arresters
      5. Secondary Arresters
      6. Junction Terminals
      7. Current-Limiting Clip Fuses and Fuse Mounts
      8. Expulsion and Current-Limiting Oil-Immersed Fuses and Holders
      9. Primary and Secondary Busings
      10. Tap Changers, Series Multiple and Loadbreak Switches
      11. Load Transfer Equipment
      12. Fault Indicators
    3. Overhead Distribution System (5kV-35kV)
      1. Distribution Transformers
      2. Reclosers/Fault Interrupters
      3. Regulators
      4. Cutouts/Fuses
      5. Arresters
      6. Switches (Air and Oil)
      7. Pole Line Hardware
      8. Capacitor Banks
      9. Fault Indicators
      10. Insulators


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